Marilis in the Textilwirtschaft

We are very happy with everything that is currently happening. Every day we work to give people a better life and fair working conditions are our top priority.

When a journalist from the textile industry called us, we could hardly believe our luck. WIR after only a few months on the market in THE textile industry as one of the newcomer labels of the year. A dream came true! And we are very happy about this article and the interest shown by TW.

The textile industry wrote a report about us in the "Labels to watch" category, which we would like to show you at this point:

Textilwirtschaft Artikel Marilis unter Labels to Watch

https: // www.textile industry.en / fashion / labels-to-watch /fresh-for-the-assortment-labels-to-watch-from-berlin-220584 / admin /

http: // www.textile

We would like to thank the textile industry for this mention.

We are fully motivated and try to design and create your favorite pieces through daily inspiration, effort and courage. If you have any suggestions or questions about our production chain, please let us know.

OurCell phone chains / Smartphone necklaces are all handmade and are truly unique. We are neither a fast fashion company nor a mass production company. Our materials, such as our Nepalese pearls, come from our cooperation partner in Nepal. We support a women's refuge here, who work with us to create new designs and colors for oure Cell phone chains conceive.

At this point we would like to thank all of our customers, family and friends for all the support and strength that you give us every day. Without you the whole thing would of course not be possible.

Your team Marilis

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