Our favorite crossbody phone case for spring

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our favorite pieces from our store: the braided crossbody phone case "frederiqua". The name comes from Frederike (also called Rike), one of our team members. It is one of the top sellers and perfect for spring and summer, so for the month of May it is our favorite crossbody phone case.

This crossbody phone case is hand braided in a small atelier in Germany, like all our braided crossbody phone case. It consists of two single chains: One chain is uniform radiant beige and the other consists of a beautiful radiant beige underpainted with a plain gray and a silver accent. This color combination makes it super simple yet eye-catching at the same time, and the silver accent looks especially glittery in the sun. Silver end caps and a silver metal coin with Marilis logo round out the cell phone chain perfectly. Because of its plain colors, it can be super easily combined with any color and worn with any outfit. Whether to break with friends, relax on the beach or on the bike ride through the sun: the crossbody phone case "frederiqua" is the perfect it-piece for the summer and for all situations of everyday life to use!

We make sure that all our crossbody phone case are handmade and locally produced. Our motto is "desgin - handmade - fairmade" - a fair wage has also a high priority for us, because we value this handwork very much and therefore rely on a fair wage.

Due to the current situation we would like to point out that our online store will deliver as usual despite the current Covid-19 crisis. Of course, despite the crisis, we continue to support our female employees with fair wages so that they can keep their jobs. Each of them is an important member of our team and we appreciate them all very much.

Your team from marilis

desgin - handmade - fairmade

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