YES - Our crossbody phone cases are now available

We are very happy to inform you all that our marilis shop is online.

We have wonderful products for you that you can buy right away. Check it out.


marilis mobile phone chains / smartphone necklaces

We have developed the NEXT generation of the mobile phone chain / smartphone necklace, far from the simple cord. Simply the new generation for all trendsetters.

Our mobile phone chain / smartphone necklace certainly also has the great advantages of hands-free. You can just grab your smartphone at any time to take a great selfie, check the shopping list, check in at the airport or pay. And all that without having to look around for a long time in your handbag.e.


What makes the new generation of marilis mobile phone chains / smartphone necklaces so special?

We initially developed the Color-Split mobile phone chain / smartphone necklace, i.e. you have one color on the front and another on your back. So you can flexibly decide what you like better today.

We invented the mix-and-match principle of the mobile phone chain / smartphone necklace. You can take a look at our combinations and get inspiration and you can make your own individual combination that is unique. This is something very special that you won't find on the market..

In addition, with the marilis mobile phone chains / smartphone necklaces you have the advantage that you can always remove them from the case. Maybe you don't feel like wearing the strap and just want to wear the case: just unbuckle: -)


Another highlight of the marilis mobile phone chain / smartphone necklace

We have launched a small series with NEPAL beads. These are cell phone chains / smartphone necklaces that have been lovingly handcrafted in Nepal in a fair and socially just manner. They are just amazing. You really can't tell from the photos how beautiful these products look. The pictures absolutely do not reflect these wonderful colors. Everyone who saw these necklaces wanted to buy them right away, whatever the price. INCREDIBLE!


What's next at marilis?

We still have so many favorite and unique pieces that are currently being manufactured. Soon there will also be the marilis universal strap, the bag straps, the yoga straps, our pretty little things .. It is always worth checking back or we will inform you in the newsletter. Please leave your email, we are careful not to send you too much.en.


Let your friends know, come to our online shop and let yourself be inspired. We look forward to every visitor and every feedback.



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