Crossbody phone case

Special features of the marilis crossbody phone cases

Our crossbody phone cases can all be combined as you like. We have many different colors in our range and all of our crossbody phone cases can be personalized individually. Put together your own model, according to your taste. You can choose between classic crossbody phone cases choose with which to enhance any everyday look.

Or you can combine new, personal creations from fresh and trendy colors. Your new favorite accessory according to your taste. The perfect companion for every day is also your individual mobile phone accessory.

Our concept appeals to everyone who no longer wants to look for their cell phone in their pocket. An exclusive phone accessory just in case. For everyone who coordinates and manages a lot. The principle is hands free. For anyone who likes to take photos anywhere, anytime. For everyone who likes to leave their cell phones behind and don't want to forget them anymore For everyone who likes to try something new

We will create your new favorite among accessories.

Special features of our marilis crossbody phone cases:

Each crossbody phone case is handmade by us so that we can be sure that it will be a unique piece for your buyer. We do quality control hand in hand with our producers. The crossbody phone cases are either manufactured locally in Germany or come from our Partners from Myanmar and Nepal. We support women's shelters and artists to enable them a better life and a permanent job. With us you buy a product that has been made and designed for you with love and handwork!!

Sustainability is very important to us. Slow fashion is our trademark.

Care instructions for your crossbody phone cases:

- Protect your crossbody phone case from strong sunlight and heat, as this can discolor and fade the metal parts and colors.

- Contact with cosmetic products such as Perfumes, sunscreen or hairspray can attack the product and lead to discoloration.

- Dirt on the crossbody phone cases can be wiped off with a cloth and water, but should be treated without harsh cleaning agents or solvents.

- Sweat can cause discoloration and discoloration of the metal parts of our mobile phone chains / necklace cases. Protect your favorite item and clean it with a soft cloth after contact with sweat. You should also protect the crossbody phone case from chlorine and the swimming pool.

- Avoid strong impacts and excessive pulling so that no adhesions come off or other damage occurs to your favorite piece.

- Water, liquids such as fats, oils or fumes can damage your product. Discoloration and discoloration can occur. Note: The crossbody phone cases are only ! intended for the weight of cell phones, not bags.

- Please note that the metal elements carabiner, coin, end caps are fashion jewelry that can discolour due to temperature and wear and tear.

Marilis does not accept any liability for your phone.


For everyone, fashionable, finite.

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