Cork leather mini bag

Our first Mini bag

We finally have it! Our first mini-bag is ready and in stock. It is so popular that we will leave it as a long-running hit in our range. You will love them!

What is special about our Mini bag?

She is vegan! Vegan trend material. We have completely dispensed with leather here and have switched to cork leather; that is more sustainable, softer and has a beautiful pattern of its own. You will definitely not be disappointed here. With our Mini bag (You can't go wrong with your handbag. The cork leather makes it particularly soft and you can wear it wonderfully with everything. We sell them including our great pearl straps..

The Mini bag (purse) was made locally in Germany in a beautiful, small atelier in Frankfurt and produced fairly. All employees receive a fair wage and must do thee Mini bag (purse) do not sew together within five minutes. Try them out! You can wear it crossbody or as a small, beautiful bum bag. It is guaranteed to cut a fine figure with every outfit. The closures are available in silver or optionally in gold.

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For everyone, fashionable, finite.

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