Modular system

In the "Modular System" category you can get yourCell phone chains / Assemble necklace cases yourself.

Step 1: Select your mobile phone model: We have all common iPhone or Samsung models.

Step 2: choose the first side of yourCell phone chain. You can choose between braided or beaded single sides for yourCell phone chain choose.

Step 3: choose the second side of yourCell phone chain. Again, you can decide whether you want a braided or one of the pearl models.

To a wholeCell phone chain / necklace case for yourself, we recommend two modularSingle pagesto select. You can then easily find them with our carabiners and attach them to your mobile phone case.

The modularCell phone chains / necklace cases you can also use them as spare parts for your existing onesCell phone chains / necklace cases choose.

The modularCell phone chains / necklace cases always have a size of 56 cm - 1/2 cm. Thus, 2 individual modular pages together have a size of approx. 120cm size S including mobile phone cover.ülle.

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