Modular system

In the category "Modular System" you can assemble your individual crossbody phone case yourself. In doing so, you must first decide which material combinations you would like to have in your Modular crossbody phone case. Here you have the following three combinations to choose from:

  • Pearl x Pearl
  • Braided x Braided
  • Pearl x Braided

You can also decide if you prefer to have the end caps and lobsters in gold or silver.

Our two crossbody phone case-variants , "Braided" and "Pearl" have different histories here:

  • Braided crossbody phone case: Our braided crossbody phone cases are produced in Germany, fairly and by hand. Here we work with a integration center in Mönchengladbach together and support refugees and people with disabilities.

  • Pearl crossbody phone case: With our pearl crossbody phone cases we support different women's homes in Nepal and Myanmar. The women there create the beaded cell phone necklaces by hand using a special knotting technique and Nepalese beads. Through a fair wage, the women can thus support their family.

And so you put together your own crossbody phone case combination:

Step 1: Choose your phone model: We carry all popular iPhone or Samsung models.

Step 2: Choose the first side of your crossbody phone case. You can choose between braided or pearl single sides for your crossbody phone case.

Step 3: Select the second page of your crossbody phone case. Again, you can decide whether to go with a braided or one of the beaded models.

To create a complete cell phone chain, we recommend choosing two modular single sides ,as shown above. These are then easily brought together with our carabiners and attached to your phone case. And you have already put together your own individual crossbody phone case!

By the way:

The modular crossbody phone case can also be ordered as replacement or expansion parts for your existing crossbody phone case

Good to know:

The modular crossbody phone cases always have a size of 56 cm (+ - 1/2 cm). Thus, 2 individual modular sides together have a size of about 120cm (size S) including cell phone case.

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