About us

About us.

We from the teamMarilis are a small start-up and create your newest piece of jewelry for every day. Our specialty are accessories. Headquartered in beautiful Düsseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia, we manufacture cell phone accessories(Cell phone chains),Mini bags andPearl bracelets here. With us you can do greatCell phone chains and otheraccessories to buy.

We have everything made in a very specific way. All of our jewelry(Cell phone chains,Pearl bracelets,Mini bags) you can buy fair and handmade. From the current colors 2020, we look for the right shades and transform them into unique pieces of jewelry that we love.

Marilis stands for sustainable materials and quality over quantity. OurCell phone chains / Necklace cases are individual and tell their own story. Everything is made with love and is far from fast fashion. Our artisans are paid fairly and fairly and we know exactly where our things come from. We source from Nepal, Myanmar and locally from Germany.

Ourteam consists of textile engineers, we know the textile chain like our right side pocket and are interested in the latest trends, looks and current styles. Our principle: make and love pieces of jewelry in the form of accessories!

OurCell phone chain/ necklace cases

We specialize in handmade, hand-knottedCell phone chains/ necklace cases specialize in individual cell phone accessories, but also carry beautiful Pearl bracelets andHair ties (Organic silk scrunchies. With us everything is implemented in our own, individual way. The organic silk is dyed in a natural way and therefore has its own color..

We love new designs.

Unique designs ensure timeless elegance combined with current trends, so that there is something for every woman. We want you to be yoursCell phone chain/ you buy necklace case from us with a clear conscience and have fun with it for a long time.

We combine cultures in our products. We have outstandingDesigner from Brazil, India, China, Germany, Nepal, Myanmar and all implement these impulses from the different continents. The most beautiful things always arise in the unexpected moments, just like the inspiration for our unique products. We have artisans who work their own stories and colorsCell phone chains (Necklace cases, smartphone chain, straps and Mini bags weave in.

Designed by local artists, implemented by great onesArtisans on the river bed of the Mekong in Myanmar and at the foot of the Kathmandu in Nepal. The exclusive patterns from all cultures find their own creative implementation with us.

Fair-made fashion.

 Marilis is created by women for women. Our team has grown into a great community of women, each with their own talents and ideas. We go beyond the borders of Germany and leave your piece of jewelry, whetherCell phone chains/ necklace cases, Pearl bracelets Silk hair ties orMini bags handcrafted by great women in Myanmar, Nepal and Germany. EVERY single product is handmade, nothing comes from the machine.

We want to give women around the world the chance to look after themselves and their families. What is a piece of jewelry for us can be a chance for a self-determined, independent woman on the other side of the world for a wonderful woman. We are fair and social.

Sustainable. ClassicMini bags made of cork leather.

Even with our small but nice oneMini bags-We stay true to handbag This is made locally in Germany and was specially designed for you from cork leather. You don't always need real leather to design something great. And in oursMini bags fits everything you need. Looks nice and feels great.

Reuse, reduce, recycle.

Do you also stand for sustainability, less waste and more recycling? Then become part of our community. With our accessories, we try to do people good and create pieces of jewelry that you can wear with you for a long time. You don't always need a new one Cell phone chain, because with us you can combine every single piece! Reuse, reduye, recycle!


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