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You have written to us very often how much you love oursCell phone chains / phone cases andMask chains and that you would often like to equip your entire office, your doctor's practice or your team in schools with it.

We have now thought of something great for you! You can't get enough of the MarilisCell phone chains / phone cases andMask chains? Then we have a solution for you so that your whole team is equipped with our great accessories.

Are you the owner of a doctor's practice, a hairdressing salon, a pharmacy, an employee in an office, a teacher, a café owner, etc. Then contact us, we have created an employee discount for companies..

We want ourCell phone chains andMask chains are represented everywhere and give one to all small and large companies15 discountt on our products from a purchase quantity of5 pieces CODE: FIRMA15.).

What are our big sellers from the range that your office or practice still needs for their employees??

OurMask chains are now absolute hits. It's easy to explain. Due to the current corona situation, we are obliged to wear a mask, especially in closed rooms. In several large cities there is sometimes even the rule to wear the protective mask outside in public places and in the city center. How often do we forget our mask or look for it in our pockets at home? That is not only unhygienic, but also impractical. With the Marilis Mask chains made of velvet or our beloved pearls, you can now easily wear your mask around your neck and have it always ready to hand.

Second are oursCell phone chains the absolute favorites of several companies and all of our customers. You canCell phone chain convenient to always have your hands free. Especially nowadays when you often have your cell phone with you.

What can you do theMask chains to use?

  • You always have your mask to hand
  • OurMask chains are chic and classic and match your look
  • You no longer forget your mask at home or have it in your pocket and have to look for it there
  • Remember that due to Covid-19 masks protect you and those around you

What can ourCell phone chains use?

  •  Hands free all day - Have your hands free for more important things than looking for your cell phone all the time
  • OurCell phone chains are all handmade and you can take them with you as a daily companion
  • OurCell phone chains is perfect crossbody when shopping, going for a walk, as a power mom when walking with the little ones, with coffee to go
  • TheCell phone chain can also be removed individually at home if you don't need the cell phone chain. The mobile phone is still safely secured in the case

Our exclusive company discount can be used with the code:COMPANY15simply entered at checkout and a minimum purchase of 5 items, you will then automatically receive the 15 discount..

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