Size chart for Marilis crossbody phone case

Size guide for our Marilis crossbody phone case:

Your new handmade crossbody phone case comes as a one size product. It is altogether approx. 120cm long including your phone.Thus, depending on which phone model you have, the cell phone case will hang on your hip.

Why is the Marilis crossbody phone case one sized?

So you can combine each side of our crossbody phone case and customize your phone case according to your taste.

The one size fits all and avoids unnecessary different sizes in stock.

We want to keep our product as simple as possible so that it is something for every woman.

On the infographic below you will find a sketch of how the Marilis crossbody phone case fits on your body. You want to buy a modular crossbody phone case? Then check out our online store under the modular crossbody phone case category.

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