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Marili's unique products such as cell phone chains and bracelets hand-made in a unique design - each accessory is unique

Briefly introduce yourself and the startup Marilis to our readers!

We are a young female founder start-up from Düsseldorf. We, Lily and Elise, live and love fashion and design. Design is our priority, but it is important to us to do good with our products. We pay attention to fair wages and good working conditions for the great artisans from the poorest countries in the world who handcraft our products: by women for women.  

Why did you decide to start a company??

Because it's great to just be creative and to be inspired to do your own thing. And we learn something new every day because we now have to take over all areas of a company and in some cases we are also not familiar with, for example, finances, accounting, master data creatione) 

During our studies we also gained some experience in the textile value chain: for example in Bangladesh, Turkey, Tunisia. If you really want to change something, you have to do it yourself and make sure that the workers are treated really well.

What was the biggest challenge when founding Marilis??

The greatest challenge was to get stable funding. We had to look for a long time and we were given wrong advice in some cases by institutions from which one would not expect it. We ended up taking out a private loan to get started. Now we see an opportunity to increase the credit through a crowdfunding campaign.

Can you start with an idea if everything is not yet perfect??

You even have to. There are no 100 anyway. We originally had a completely different product idea. We wanted to sell beautiful handmade bag straps and yoga straps. That did not work. We had to completely reorient ourselves and are now much more successful with the products we have. 

What is the vision behind Marilis?

We want to make the world a little better and better with our small company. Better with the unique products and better with the support of great women to lead a self-determined life.

In the future we would like to use sustainable materials. Currently our cords are made locally in Germany, but we want to test all materials and improve them. For example, the cell phone cases made of compostable material. Elise has already developed a formula and we are currently testing it.

Who is the target group of Marilis?

Originally we were aimed at women aged 25 to 40 Now we are also seeing young women over 18, fashionistas 67 years old and also beautiful men who buy our cell phone chains. 

What is special about the products?

Our products are all unique. They are made by hand with a lot of effort and love in Nepal, Myanmar and Germany. Each piece is unique. We are the only provider that offers really customizable mobile phone chains: you can buy individual straps and combine them to your heart's content. We offer handmade glass beads cell phone chains and braided cell phone chains with great classy colors. 

What sets you apart from other providers?

We are now in the best company of great companies that produce fairly and sustainably. Like these companies, we do not take the path of least resistance in search of maximum profit. We strive for satisfaction among customers and producers. And we love what we do. This allows us to work on a lot with inspiration and creativity, closing the niche a little between design and sustainability. Our products show that sustainable fair can also stand out with great design. 

Marilis, where is the path going Where do you see yourself in five yearsn?

We want to offer a lot of wonderful women a self-determined life. We would like to establish our company throughout Europe and thus have even more production in Nepal and Myanmar. Perhaps there are other institutions that suit us. In addition, we would like to become more sustainable with the materials and interpret many new trend products in our very own way.

Finally: What 3 tips would you give budding female founders along the way??

Crises are opportunities from which one grows and emerges stronger.

Be creative and always think in terms of solutions.

Every team member is valuable and makes a valuable contribution

To crowdfunding

You can find more informationhere.

We thank Lily and Elise for the interview

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Issue 28 from 07/11/2019


The four-headedteam from the start-up Marilis in Düsseldorf loves chains. Lily, Elise, Frederike and Caro have developed the next generation of smartphone necklaces and bag straps. More than just cord. Exceptional braiding techniques, Nepalese glass beads, velvet ribbons and feather ornaments turn transparent cell phone cases into eye-catchers, and are suitable for glasses and employee ID cards. Straps upgrade old bags and become a transport handle for exercise mats. Social compliance included, because Marilis works togetherManufactories and social institutions such as Stitch-by-Stitch in Frankfurt am Main, Mano Nella Mano in Mönchengladbach, Hladay in Yagon / Myanmar and a women's institution in Nepal that is not mentioned for reasons of protection. The retail prices forSmartphone chains are between 34 and 49 euros, glasses chains around 14 euros.   


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