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Our producers are artisans

We select our producers and each individual supplier very carefully. We do this with head, heart and hand so that it suits us and our products.


Kopf - Herz - HandIt is very important to us that our producers live, understand and love our designs (head). Only in this way they are able to bring in their own personal touch (heart) and to produce every product your favorite piece for every day (hand).



What is important for Marilis?

We work on a very high level and we want you to be happy as a customer. That is why we work together with organizations of artisans (Artisans & Craftsman) who have perfected their craft over centuries. We try to constantly improve ourselves and we constantly take your feedback and try to implement it in our products.

It is important to us at all producers, whether in Germany, Myanmar or Nepal, that the employees are paid fairly. That they not only have the opportunity to do their work, but that the employees enjoy coming to work and take pleasure in their work. They should have a good life and we would like to contribute to this with a fair wage. With us quality stands before quantity.

What is special about our crossbody phone cases?

Information about our handmade crossbody phone cases:

The carabiners hold your phone firmly in place so you don't have to worry about it falling off. Due to its light weight it will not disturb or hinder you.

All our handmade marilis crossbody phone cases as well as the silicone cover can be wiped with a damp cloth, but are not machine-washable, because they have metal parts.

Special features of our braidedcrossbody phone cases:

Our braided crossbody phone cases are all produced locally and fairly in Germany. They are hand braided with special care. It is a challenge to get our different materials harmoniously together and so each piece is made with love. Our crossbody phone cases are not a mass product and are made to the taste of our customers.

Special features of our pearl crossbody phone cases:

The colors and patterns were assembled and handmade in Nepal by our artists who live in a women's shelter. There is nowhere else like this. These crossbody phone cases are handmade, unique and you can choose your favorite combination and personalize it for yourself.

Our pearl crossbody phone cases consists of glass beads, which are individually hand knitted onto the yarn and are processed into our necklaces. The whole thing takes time, love and patience and we appreciate that, because what we want to create are favorite pieces of our customers and no fast fashion production.

Please note that the Nepalese beads crossbody phone cases have 1-2cm differences in length and after some time they can lengthen by 1-2cm when worn, because they are pulled on a cotton yarn. You will probably not notice this, but we would like to tell you.

Sometimes there are color differences that make your crossbody phone cases case special.

Our concept appeals to everyone who doesn't want to look for their phones in their bag anymore. For all those who coordinate and manage a lot. The principle is called "hands free". For everyone who likes to try something new.

We create from the latest trends and in cooperation with our partners in Nepal the best for you.

Do you have color wishes? Email us!

Who are our producers and manufacturers?


Frankfurt am Main, Germany (

We got to know Claudia and Nina in Frankfurt and really appreciate them. The two power women have set up a sewing workshop that takes in many great girls with refugee backgrounds and accompanies them in their lives. They regularly enjoy training apprentices, but are also happy to take on skilled workers who take on individual assignments at a very high level. 

Mano Nella Mano 

Mönchengladbach, Germany (

We introduced our project to Ghazal and Mano Nella Mano at the very beginning and she supported and accompanied us in many ways. Ghazal helps with the organization at Mano Nella Mano, which is a small company of the evangelical foundation Hephata and takes care of great upcycling projects. We work very closely with Ghazal and Mano Nella Mano and are happy to be part of the team.


Yangon, Myanmar (

We met Ulla and were very impressed by this wonderful, selfless woman. She has built up an organization of Burmese artisans over 11 years, who earn their living this way. They themselves have a store in Yangon and their own online store. In order to provide a constant income, especially during the rainy season, we send this group of over 500 artisans our ideas for further development and implementation. 

Women' shelter in Nepal (address not named to keep the women safe)


We have established a wonderful connection to Nepal. It is an organization that encourages women to provide for themselves and their families by training and educating artisans. The products can be produced flexibly at home, so that the women can easily take care of their everyday life. They are paid fairly and, above all, treated fairly. This is the only way to create these wonderful creations, which we appreciate and love.

We work together with a women's shelter in Nepal. This is where women come who have suffered social or family problems and whom we want to give a step towards independence and an independent life through fair pay.

Fair Production. Become a partner!

We are truly happy with the artisans and great people we already have in our network. We are happy about the friendly and good cooperation.

We are always happy to talk about a cooperation.

Do you want to be a partner from Marilis?

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