Marilis Armband aus Glasperlen, geknüpftes Armband, Perlen, fairmade in Nepal, handgemacht, fair fashion, Accessoire, Schmuck, nachhaltig, one size, weiß silber
Marilis Armband aus Glasperlen, genlnüpftes Armband, Perlen, fairmade in Nepal, handgemacht, fair fashion, Accessoire, Schmuck, nachhaltig, one size
Perlenarmband "shiny silver" fotografiert mit anderen Perlenarmbändern und auf Baumwollsäckchen
Marilis Armband Bracelet Perlen Beads silber silver
Marilis Armband Bracelet Perlen Beads silber silver

Pearl jewelry "shiny silver"

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Marilis Features

Our jewelry "shiny silver" is one of our all-time favorites and is loved by all its wearers. The silver glass beads are simple and yet do a lot. We also have the matching cell phone chain for everyone.

Looking for a unique bracelet? With us, everyone can find their perfect beaded accessory! Our Marilis beaded bracelets are all handmade and fairly produced. They look beautiful and additionally support women in Nepal.

Special features of Marilis bracelets made from Nepal:

  1. All materials of our beaded jewelry are selected individually and with care. The beaded bracelets and necklaces are made from Nepalese glass beads threaded onto a cotton thread. This is done with a special Nepalese knotting technique.
  2. With us, each bracelet is unique, because our beaded jewelry is hand-knotted by the artists* with great care and finesse.
  3. With our accessories and jewelry, we stand for fair working conditions and fair pay in our production countries. Through every purchase of a beaded jewelry you support together with us, women's shelters in Nepal and free artists*innen in Myanmar and help them to lead a self-determined life.

Important information about our Marilis Bead jewelry from Nepal:

  • Our beaded bracelet is produced in one size and will fit around any wrist.
  • Please note that each beaded bracelet is handmade and therefore the size of the bracelet may change a little over time. However, this is hardly noticeable and the wearing feeling remains the same.
  • Small stains are easy to remove with the help of a soft, damp cloth.

You are welcome to find more tips for the optimal care of your Marilis beaded jewelry in our care instructions. Also note that young children should not play with the beaded bracelet

. You can find more information about our producers and the manufacturing of our jewelry here.

Looking for more handmade accessories? Our Marilis beads cell phone chains are an ideal match for our beaded jewelry and are also extremely practical. We combine unique design with high functionality and convenience.

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