Marilis Einzelseite Geflochten für Handykette schwarz mit grau und silber

Braided crossbody phone case one side black-silver

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Marili's Features

The modular braided crossbody phone case one side black-silver is completed with silver metal parts.

PLEASE NOTE that this is a SINGLE strap. To own a complete crossbody phone case, you will need to purchase a second Modular crossbody phone case one side.

You are looking for a custom crossbody phone case? Then you are at teh right place! With the help of our modular system, you can now create your own crossbody phone case combination. Put your two desired modular crossbody phone case one sides and a matching cell phone case in the shopping cart and you're done!

Special features of our Modular crossbody phone case one side:

  1. Each Modular one side can be combined differently.
  2. If you already own a Marilis phone case with strap, you can change your look by buying a modular single side without buying a complete new set.
  3. A modular single side can also be worn as a short chain on your phone case.

Further details about the Marilis Mix & Match cell phone chains:

  • The length of a modular one side is approximately 56 cm. It is thus combinable with all crossbody phone cases size S.
  • Our entire beaded accessories and crossbody phone cases are made by hand in Nepal. For this purpose, Nepalese glass beads are threaded on a cotton thread, using a special knotting technique. We are committed to fair wages and fair working conditions in the countries of production and support women to lead a self-determined life.
  • Our braided crossbody phone cases are made locally in a German integration center, which employs people with disabilities and refugees.

Marilis assumes no liability for the smartphone. Please be careful not to leave the cell phone chain unattended near children. Also, the metal parts of the modular crossbody phone case are costume jewelry, so it may discolor over time.

For the best possible protection of your crossbody phone case, we recommend our Care-instructions.

You can find more information about the production, the materials used and the producers here.

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