Marilis Handykette fairmade, schwarz geflochten mit gold, transparentes iPhone Case
Handykette Geflochten Star schwarz, gold, reflektierend, black
Handykette Geflochten Star schwarz, gold, reflektierend, black

Crossbody phone case Isabella black / golden

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Marilis Features

Our Isabella crossbody phone case is finished with gold accents and is made in Germany. It is plain black, making it ideal for use as an everyday accessory.

Our Marilis crossbody phone case are hand assembled and designed to act both functionally and stylishly. You are interested in buying a new crossbody phone case ? With us, everyone will find his suitable crossbody phone case!

Special features of our handmade Marilis crossbody phone cases:

  1. It consists of two single sides, which you can easily open by means of the high-quality carabiners to quickly and easily remove the phone.
  2. Our modular elements are all available individually, so you can put together your own design and color combinations.
  3. Our cellphone necklaces are made of selected materials: we use high-quality glass beads and cotton twine from Nepal and Myanmar, as well as viscose cords from local German production.
  4. Our transparent cell phone case with rings and the removable metal carabiners allows you to continue to use all previous accessories flawlessly when you buy a new phone.

Important information about your new cell-phone-chain:

  • We recommend a display protector.
  • With the purchase of our cell-phone-chain and our accessories you support women in Nepal and Myanmar and advocate with us for fair working conditions in the production countries.
  • All our braided single pages are made in integration workshops and small ateliers locally in Germany, which are committed to refugees and people with disabilities.

Size instructions for your cell phone case with chain you can find here.

Marilis assumes no liability/warranty for your phone. Make sure that small children do not play alone with it, because the crossbody phone case consists of individual parts. Please note that the metal elements are costume jewelry, which may discolor over time. For optimal protection of your accessories we recommend our care instructions.

You can find here for more information on the manufacture of our products and our producers.

Here you can buy more accessories for your crossbody phone case.

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