Marilis Perlen Handykette, Einzelseite, DIY, rosegold, gold
Marilis Perlen Handykette, Einzelseite, DIY, rosegold, gold

Pearl crossbody phone case one side rose-gold

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Marilis Features

For the pearl one side rose-gold for your crossbody phone case, you can choose between gold or silver metal parts.

NOTE: This is a crossbody phone case one side, meaning a SINGLE strap. For a whole crossbody phone case, you'll need a second Modular one side, unless you want to have a short cell phone chain and use it as jewelry.

Looking for a personalized, custom crossbody phone case? With our Marilis modular system, it is possible for you to combine two cell phone chain single sides to create your own crossbody phone case creation. What are you waiting for?

The unique thing about our modular crossbody phone case one side:

  1. The Marilis Modular one sides can be individually combined with each other.
  2. You already own one of our crossbody phone cases, but would like a new design? Buy a new modular single side without further ado and thus create a new design.
  3. Our modular crossbody phone case one sides are also wearable as a short chain.

Further notes on our Mix & Match crossbody phone cases:

  • The modular crossbody phone case single side comes as one size: it is 56cm long in total (plus-minus 1-2cm) and can be used with all S size cell phone chains.
  • All our pearl crossbody phone cases and accessories support women in Nepal. Here, the beaded straps are hand-knotted from Nepalese glass beads and a cotton thread. We help the women there to lead a self-determined life and advocate fair working conditions and a fair wage.
  • Our braided crossbody phone cases we have produced locally in Germany. Here we work with integration centers, which employ refugees and people with disabilities.

The Marilis GmbH does not guarantee the functionality of your phone. Please do not leave the cell phone chain unattended near children. Please note that the metal parts of the Modular crossbody phone case are costume jewelry. Thus, discoloration may occur over time.

Also, we highly recommend our care instructions for the optimal protection of your crossbody phone case.

You feel like learning more about our producers and manufacturing? Feel free to check out our producers & manufacturing page.

Matching many of our crossbody phone cases, we offer beautiful accessories, beaded bracelets and other jewelry. Of course all handmade & fairly produced!

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