Marilis Handyhülle, durchsichtig für Samsung, mit Logo-Coin, Handyhülle mit Ringen
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Samsung Phone case for crossbody phone case

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Phone case with rings for your crossbody phone case

We offer our phone cases for your iPhone for individual sale, so you can create your own individual crossbody phone cases combination.

You can of course also use the ones you have already purchased with cord. So we and you can upcycle sensibly and you do not always have to buy a new product right away.

Our cases are sturdy and made of strong TPU material and have so-called bumpers on the eyelets, which provide additional stability. You can use the smartphone cases for all our crossbody phone cases .


Your cellphone is an important part in your life. Take good care of it - only you can.

Unfortunately, we cannot fully guarantee the protection of your smartphone with this case. Please be careful when cleaning: do not use chemicals. High exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration. Also, do not take this product to the beach or swimming pool (chlorinated water).

If you handle the products carefully, your jewelry will remain intact. Marilis does not accept any liability for the smartphone.
Also make sure that small children do not play with it alone.

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